Pata Moto Haraka na Easy Warm!

We all know the struggle of starting a fire, especially in that biting Kenyan wind, damp firewood and stubborn flames—it can leave you frustrated and cold! But what if there was a way to get a fire roaring in under five minutes, hata kama hali mbaya ?

Enter Easy Warm, your new best friend for fire-starting! This ingenious product uses ethanol, a safe and clean-burning alcohol, to give your fire that extra oomph.

Here’s the amazing part: kutumia Easy Warm ni rahisi sana 

  1. Fungua kifuniko (Open the Lid): First things first, open the Easy Warm container. Remember, hakuna moto bado! (no fire yet!)
  2. Mimina kidogo kidogo (Pour a Little Bit): Take a small amount of Easy Warm and pour it onto the majivu (ashes) or on the small sticks and charcoal you’ve gathered for your fire.
  3. Funga kifuniko na uweke kando (Close the Lid and Put Away): Once you’ve poured a little Easy Warm, shut the lid tightly and put the container away from the fire area.
  4. Washa Moto (Light the Fire): Now for the fun part! Light your fire using a match or lighter, na utaona maajabu! (and you’ll see magic!)

Easy Warm acts like a fire accelerant, helping your flames catch quickly and easily. Within minutes, you’ll have a crackling fire that’ll keep you warm and cook your food perfectly – hakuna tena kusubiri kwa muda mrefu! (no more waiting for a long time!)

Easy Warm: Perfect for Everyone

Whether you’re living in the countryside or just enjoy a good bonfire now and then, Easy Warm is a lifesaver. It’s:

  • Safe and Clean: Unlike some fire starters, Easy Warm burns cleanly and won’t pollute the air.
  • Haraka na Rahisi: Get that fire going in no time, saving you precious energy and frustration.
  • Portable: The container is small and lightweight, so you can take Easy Warm with you on camping trips or picnics.

Na bado, usisahau :

  • Usitumie Easy Warm ikiwa kuna moto (Don’t use Easy Warm if there’s already a fire).
  • Weka Easy Warm mbali na watoto na wanyama (Keep Easy Warm away from children and animals).
  • Tumia Easy Warm kwa uangalifu (Use Easy Warm with care).

So next time you’re struggling to start a fire, remember Easy Warm! It’s the fast, safe, and convenient way to get that bonfire blazing.

Martin Wamahiu
Martin Wamahiu
The products are of quality and affordable

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