Happy April Fool’s Day, Kenya! Did we have you there for a minute with the Eris IntelliWash? We know, the idea of a machine that folds your laundry sounds like a dream come true. (Seriously, if someone invents that, sign us ALL up!)

But while self-folding laundry might still be in the realm of science fiction, Eris is here to make your laundry experience as smooth as possible. That’s where our trusty Erigel Multi-Purpose Soap comes in!

Erigel: Your One-Stop Cleaning Solution

Erigel isn’t just for laundry; it’s a powerhouse that tackles multiple cleaning tasks around the house. Think of it as your laundry folding assistant’s super-powered older sibling!

Here’s what Erigel can do:

  • Make laundry day a breeze: Erigel’s powerful cleaning formula tackles tough stains and leaves your clothes looking and smelling fresh.
  • Multi-surface marvel: From dishes to floors, Erigel cuts through grease and grime on various surfaces.
  • Gentle on hands: The mild formula is kind to your skin, even with frequent use.


So, while the robots may not be ready to fold your clothes quite yet, Erigel can help you get the cleaning done quickly and efficiently, giving you more time for the things you love.

Head over to our website, erisindustries, to learn more about Erigel and all our amazing cleaning products!

P.S. We know folding laundry isn’t everyone’s favourite chore. Share your best laundry-folding hacks in the comments below! Maybe we can all learn a thing or two from each other.


Martin Wamahiu
Martin Wamahiu
The products are of quality and affordable

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